"I am thinking about mine and Mom's future, which you and your mom are depriving us of since you're taking everything Dad left us!" ― Cassie
Cassandra Andrada-Mondragon (simply known as "Cassie") is one of the main characters of Kadenang Ginto. She is portrayed by child star Francine Diaz.

Background and Appearance

Cassie is the daughter of Romina and the second daughter of Robert. She was the product of Romina's tragic rape case. On Episode 238, Alvin confirms in front of Marga that the person who raped Romina is Robert Mondragon, her granddad so Cassie is her half-aunt. 

As a youth, Cassie always had two ponytails and wears round-shaped glasses.

As a teenager, Cassie no longer have ponytails, revealing smooth hair. She still wears round-shaped glasses and a single ponytail. However, in Season 2, she ditched the glasses, her hair grew a bit longer, making her look more mature.


She loves to paint. She rarely speaks Tagalog words, and always finds a new way to make new friends. Such as Marga when they first met at the Mondragon`s mansion backyard. However, it didn't work out the way she wanted to.

As a teenager, Cassie still loved to paint. And she is not mean to most people, except Marga. Cassie also loved to teach children day to night.

Biography (In episodes)

Her story is connected to the series. If you want to visit the storylines, visit the links below:

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  • Francine Diaz, who portrayed Cassie, said that being Cassie was her first role as a main character, as her past roles were younger versions of other characters.
  • Offscreen, Francine Diaz and Andrea Brillantes (actress who portrayed Marga) were close friends, according to interviews.
  • Cassandra Mondragon's birthdate is February 22, 2003. Which means she could be 16 years old in 2019. Francine, however, was 15. This was proven at The Gold Squad`s interview at Gandang Gabi Vice


  • "Happy Birthday, Daddy!"
  • "Margaret, your name is lovely. What`s your nickname?"
  • "Hi! Im Cassandra Andrada-Mondragon. But you can call me Cassie."
  • "Marga, sorry. You dropped this on the restroom. I couldn`t return it to you on time because you quickly left."
  • "My mom said that even we have help, we dont rely on them. Because, what if they wont be on your side? How can i proceed? My mom is teaching me to be responsible."
  • "Mondragon is my last name. You`ll never change it."
  • "My mom is raped, Marga. And she is not a dirty woman, so I treated her!"
  • "Too bad Marga. Your wish never came true."
  • "My mom allows me to go to the Music Fest."
  • "Tope!"
  • "I'm not insulting you, I'm describing you!" (addressing to Marga)


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