"What I meant is to finish Romina! Not to kill Cassie!" ― Daniela
Daniela Mondragon-Bartolome is one of the main characters of Kadenang Ginto. She is portrayed by actress Dimples Romana.

Background and Appearance

Daniela is the eldest daughter of Robert to his first wife, Camila.

In her first appearance until the time she first took over the Mondragon mansion after Robert's demise, she had long hair.

In her season 1 teaser appearance, she wears a gold colores gown

In her season 2 teaser appearance, she wears black lipstick and a black gown

During in the middle of her reign of terror in the Mondragon mansion and as interim CEO of Camila, she has now shorter hair which was actually a wig off set.

In her season 3 teaser appearance, she ditched the wig and now has short natural hair. She wore a red dress which is currently well known.


Daniela is a mean spirited person who always messes with anyone she came across to (including her father Robert when it comes to Romina). Since then, her personality was later shared to her daughter Marga. Unlike Cassie and Romina, they have negative traits.

In Season 2, Daniela remains angry now that Romina and Cassie returned to the Mondragon mansion in the battle for the true heiress between Cassie and Marga.

Biography (In episodes)

Her story is connected to the series. If you want to visit the storylines, visit the links below:

Season 1 Plotline

Season 2 Plotline


  • Daniela is now widely known for her "Travelling Daniela" meme.
  • She made her first interview with The Gold Squad at their "Daniela Mondragon Luggage Raid" video.


Examples of "Travelling Daniela" memes


  • "Romina!!!"
  • "Cassie, you are not going on school."
  • "I'm not Daniela Mondragon for nothing."
  • "Romina! Open the gate!"
  • "Romina, what the hell are you doing!?"
  • "Tonight`s not just my night."
  • "Please dear! Whatever it is, I can fix it!" (Convincing Marga not to jump off the building)
  • "Let me get out of here!" (when she was put in a jail cell)
  • "Romina don't be so confident."
  • "If you dont want to work, then get out!"
  • "What's your name again?" (addressing to Mikoy)
  • "Mikoy, what a name."
  • "LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!" (she throws a can of sardines in anger)
  • "Oh don`t be so sensitive Carlos."
  • "I want my money in cash."
  • "Were losing. This is not happening!" (Season 3 Trailer)
  • "Are you here to humiliate me, Romina?" (Season 3 Trailer)
  • Don't lecture me!, my stepmother.
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