Marga, Go To Your Room! is a meme from Kadenang Ginto . It is now widely mentioned in YouTube comments of Kadenang Ginto clips and was also mentioned by actors and actresses of the series (Ex: Dimples Romana )

Origin of the Meme

The sentence was first mentioned by Carlos (Adrian Alandy) in the episode "Hinala". When he had an argument with Daniela. When Marga asked if they are arguing, Carlos told Marga: "Marga, please go to your room". In which she did and was crying in her room.


Spread on YouTube

The catchphrase was mentioned in various Kadenang Ginto clips on YouTube that involved Carlos and Marga. With a lot of fans saying the sentence in the comment section.

Spread on various shows

On Sunday, July 14, 2019, On Gandang Gabi Vice, the catchphrase was mentioned by Dimples Romana during a joke conversation with host Vice Ganda about Carlos. When Vice Ganda asked Dimples if she can talk to Carlos about it, she states the following:

He`s busy. He`s busy with Marga by telling her "Marga, go to your room!"

This made the host and the audience laugh including Beauty Gonzales, who was also a guest along with Dimples Romana.

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