"Truth? Who cares about the truth, Cassie. Whatever you're gonna say, it doesn`t matter!" ― Marga
Margaret Mondragon-Bartolome (simply known as "Marga") is one of the main characters of Kadenang Ginto. She is portrayed by child star Andrea Brillantes.

Background and Appearance

Marga is the only child of Daniela and Carlos Bartolome

As a youth, Marga tends to wear a purple dress, which resembles a princess' gown.

As a teenager, Marga now often wears what teenagers often wear nowadays.


As a youth, she acts like a spoiled brat, but she rarely makes a smirk when she did something bad, like when she pushed Cassie to the pool when they first met. It was also shown that she began taking pictures (possibly for the social media), like when she pictured her goldfish.

As a teenager, Marga starts to act like a matured lady, even though she is still young. She hates stuff that the poor owned, and to live with them. She is also rude to others as she always brags her superiority towards others. She always suffers from a breakdown whenever she is defeated.

Biography (In episodes)

Her story is connected to the series. If you want to visit the storylines, visit the links below:

Season 1 Plotline

Season 2 Plotline


  • Andrea Brillantes, who portrayed Marga, explained that being Marga was her first role as an antagonist.
  • Offscreen, Andrea Brillantes and Francine Diaz (actress who portrayed Cassie) were close friends.


  • "My god, Cassie!"
  •  "You do note that this liar is a fake" (addressing to Cassie).
  •  "She not a true Mondragon!" (addressing to Cassie).
  •  "Cassie is not a true Mondragon."
  •  "I told you I did not know! I didn`t know that Aunt Romina was a rape victim!"
  •  "FYI, Its not the matter of truth, its the matter of believability in which one of us would be trusted."
  •  "So I suggest, do it better, Cassie."
  •  "I lost at Maxwell, I have to live with Cassie, and Kristoff, he`s courting Cassie."
  • How did I look today?
  • I can keep saying that Cassie is not a Mondragon but now, I knew that Cassie is a true Mondragon. Mom, you and Cassie is half-siblings. Also, a child of granddad [Robert Mondragon ]. 
  • Cassie, your family is now rich, so don't meddle with ours.
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