Maxwell is a high school/university of various teenagers in Kadenang Ginto. It is (possibly) based on a real school in Canada with the same name.


The Maxwell logo consists of a blue, yellow, and white shield with images of a lion, a fire, a bird, and an opened book, along with blue stripes at the center. There is also a banner below the shield with the word "Maxwell" written on it.


Following the blue, yellow, and white tradition, the Maxwell International School building consists of yellow exterior walls, white interior walls, and blue school chairs.

Maxwell Integrated School, on the other hand, has the same yellow exterior walls. However, the interior walls are also yellow rather than white. Their chairs are also wooden brown rather than blue.

About the School

Maxwell is separated into two schools: Maxwell International School, and Maxwell Integrated School.

Maxwell International School

Maxwell International School is one of the most well known schools in the Philippines. It is heavily considered as a school for the riches. In this school, male students wear white plain polos, black pants, and a Maxwell gray vest. While female students wear white uniforms, blue skirts, blue neck tie, and a Maxwell gray coat.

Maxwell Integrated School

Maxwell Integrated School is exactly the opposite of the Maxwell International School. Instead for the riches, this school is for the less fortunate. In this school, male and female students wear Maxwell gray shirts and jeans or denim pants.

Programs Held

  • Quiz Bee
  • PTA Meetings
  • Eco Fashion Show
  • School Fair
  • Maxwell Prime Moving Up
  • Maxwell Ball

Notable Students

Maxwell International School

Maxwell Integrated School

  • Cassandra Mondragon (currently)
  • Mikoy
  • Roxanne "Roxy" Mangubat
  • Gwen
  • Trina


  • The exteriors and interiors of Maxwell were filmed in UST Angelicum College, which has been part of the University of Santo Tomas since 2018.
  • Again, as mentioned above, Maxwell could possibly be based on a school in Canada with the same name.
  • Maxwell International School and Maxwell Integrated School are both connected by a waiting/reception room.
  • Strangely, if a fire broke out at Maxwell Integrated School, it would have spread towards the waiting/reception room, then towards Maxwell International School. This would probably be a director oversight.
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