"Yes. I'm going to marry her. And you can't do anything." ― Robert
Roberto Mondragon (simply known as "Robert") is one of the main characters of Kadenang Ginto. He is portrayed by actor Albert Martinez.

Background and Appearance

Robert is the (now former) CEO of Camila Sardines and the patriarch of the Mondragon family, being the husband of Romina, Father of Daniela and Cassie, and grandfather of Marga.


Robert is a very handsome and respectful gentleman. He is always in touch towards his company Camila Sardines, named after his first wife, Camila Mondragon. He has a love interest towards Romina, even though she used to be his secretary at Camila Sardines.

Robert also shown love and respect towards Romina, Cassie, Marga, and Daniela, even though Daniela used to hate him due to the fact he married Romina.

Biography (In episodes)

His story is connected to the series. If you want to visit the storylines, visit the links below:

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  • The reason why Robert needed to be killed off in Season 1 is because of Albert Martinez's commitment to another main role in another TV series in ABS-CBN, The General`s Daughter.
  • Fans were waiting and wanting Albert Martinez to return to Kadenang Ginto. They even comment at an actress of The General`s Daughter (Angel Locsin)`s post about Robert.
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