"You're just tied to gold. But your personality is brass." ― Romina
Romina Andrada-Mondragon is one of the main characters of Kadenang Ginto. She is portrayed by actress Beauty Gonzalez.

Background and Appearance

Romina is the eldest child of the late Rosanna Andrada and of an unnamed man who was said to be Rosanna's former partner, she is also the elder sister of Niel and the ex-fiancé of Carlos Bartolome.

During her season 1 teaser appearance, she has long hair and wore gold earrings and a golden gown. During her days as Robert's secretary, her regular uniform is a white blouse with a black skirt. But in the first episode where her uniform was soiled with mud, she wore a blue blouse instead.

Her appearance as the Vice President for Operations is a light pink blouse underneath a white coat, white pants and heeled shoes.

Her season 2 teaser appearance is a white gown and heeled shoes.

During her incarceration after being accused of being Robert's killer, she wore a Yellow prison uniform with black pants and slippers.

In her first season 3 appearance, she donned a light gold colored dress and pants of matching color, her second appearance is a gold colored gown.


Romina is a kindhearted person who is always determined and hardworking for her single mother Rosanna Andrada. When she was married with Robert, her positive personalities were later shared to her daughter, Cassie.

In Season 2, During and after her stay in prison, she was trained by an inmate how to attack and defend to protect her and Cassie from anything that comes in their way.

Biography (In episodes)

Her story is connected to the series. If you want to visit the storylines, visit the links below:

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  • Being Romina was the second time Beauty Gonzalez portrayed as a mother. The first one being in Pusong Ligaw.
  • Though they are not related, Beauty Gonzalez and Francine Diaz have similar faces.


  • "They said, the most happy feeling is true love. All my life, thats what im finding. A love that can make me whole, a love that affirms me, and a long-lasting love. But, where does love began and end? This bitter truth i have to learn. That no matter how much we love someone, even if we fight them, thats not enough for them to stay alive." (Pilot episode)
  • "No wedding will be held. Sorry for the incovenience."
  • "Are you blaming me for what happened?"
  • "We will reach our dreams together."
  • "You will pay for everything you have done to me. You`ll soon experience the same suffering im goring through!"
  • "I wouldnt have miss it for the world, dear." (After Cassie won Maxwell Prime)
  • "Fine, come in. Im allowing you to stay in my home."
  • "Welcome to my house, my stepdaughter."
  • Carlos, I don't need your help!
  • (hissing with nodding) "Daniela!".
  • "Oh hello there my stepdaughter. Did you miss me?" (Season 3 Trailer)
  • "Checkmate" (Season 3 Trailer)
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